• Custom designed website
  • Web hosting with full support
  • Domain registration or transfer
  • Professional images
  • Company email accounts
  • Monthly website updates



What services do you provide and what is the total cost of my website?
  • Custom designed website
  • Web hosting (24 hour server)
  • Domain registration or transfer (www.yourcomany.com)
  • Company emails (name@yourcompany.com)
  • Logo if needed
  • Properly licensed images for a professional appearance
  • Monthly updates and yearly website design review
  • Total cost is $295 per year
How long does it take?
Most sites are completed within 14 days.
Do I pay before my website is done?
Payment is due when you approve of your completed website and sign the service agreement - not before.
How can I pay?
Check, Paypal or Credit Card.
Are there any penalties if I cancel the service agreement later?
There are no penalties. The service agreement can be terminated at any time with 10 days written notice. There are no refunds. The precise conditions of any termination are listed in the service agreement.
What is the procedure if I need to have my website updated?
Updates can be done once a month. Simply email us the changes you are seeking.
What copyright issues do I need to know about?
Specific copyright issues regarding website content, including images, text and coding, are addressed in the service agreement.
Can I see the service agreement before any work begins?
Yes. The agreement is only one page and easy to understand.
Do you design retail websites with carts?
No, not at this time for the current $295 price. We do hope to have a value package on offer next year.
How can you provide all of these web services for such a low cost?
Our view is that it is better to charge less and have a long term relationship with our clients.


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