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Tip1. Content
Potential customers are not going to read long boring paragraphs of text over multiple pages. Unless you are running a research site, communicate your information in a concise manner. Brevity is more important than style.
Tip 2. Domain Name
If the domain name of your business is still available, make that your first choice. If you must come up with a new name for your website, keep in mind two questions: Is it memorable? Is it easy to type?
Tip 3. Description and Keywords
Describe your business in less than 20 words. Most search engines show that description under the title of your page, and this may be the first contact by a potential customer. Most search engines also use keywords to locate a site. Think of 25 keywords that a client might associate with your service or product.
Tip 4. No parades
There are many great features that can be added to a website but less is often more. Pop-up windows, moving text, music, video clips, and rainbow colors can be more of a distraction than an enhancement to your site. Moderation in all things.
Tip 5. Images
Use professional images. Quality images inspire confidence from customers.

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